Wednesday, March 7, 2012

SXSW and pre-release umastered download

We are heading to SXSW to play a showcase with No More Fake Labels.  Meanwhile, we have finished recording and mixing a new record.  Still needs to be mastered, but if you'd like to hear an unmastered track, click on the link below.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We are going to CMJ!

Ok, so we're going to try to revive this blog a bit. Especially with the upcoming trip to NYC to play at CMJ! No More Fake Labels has put together a killer showcase for CMJ Music Marathon in NYC on Oct. 20th at Bowery Poetry Club (starting at 7PM).

The showcase will be:
Western Civ (Chapel Hill, NC)
The Motel Beds with Kelley Deal (Dayton, OH)
Saint Lips (Rome, Italy)
Mass Solo Revolt (Flint, MI)
Salt To Bitters (Chapel Hill, NC)
and us, New Town Drunks (Chapel Hill, NC!).

The exact order we'll be playing has not been determined yet.

Salt to Bitters and us are on Tiny Canvas Records label, which is like a brother label to No More Fake Labels who have been awesome enough to let us join the showcase.

So we're going to try to blog more about this and other stuff that may come up. I am now especially excited to go to NYC and looking forward to maybe joining up with the indignados up on wall street.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Town Drunks' Drunk Beer Ads

5 years ago, we had a dream: to have our own brand of beer. But being better drinkers than brewers, and realizing that brewing actually took some effort, we didn't know how we were going to find the time, in between all the trips to bed, bath and beyond, to make this dream come true.

The solution came to us in another dream, wait, not a dream, something like a dream... more like a stupor. We realized we didn't need to brew beer. It was the beer bull market of 2005 and everyone was selling and buying and selling and buying all kinds of beers. So in our Eureka moment, sure to change beer markets everywhere, we decided we would instead, sell our drinking. No, you say, impossible. Well, it wasn't as easy as we thought.

The first batches of Drunk Beer sold fairly well at New Town Drunks' shows and our neighborhood bars. But even though we sold a six pack to a bar in Ireland, the international, and national, and, who are we kidding, regional and local customers were not coming back for more, the way we hoped. So we decided we needed the added help of some well placed advertising to really push our Drunk Beer sales where they needed to go, up.

We immediately got to work at various bars until we came up with a reasonably wordless script and an unplanned shooting plan. We engaged the services of master cinematographer Mr. Mouse to run cameras, and contacted lots of local talent by letting them know there would be a party at the now infamous Camp Marmaloot where Drunk Beer label designer and professional artiste, Andrew Degraff, lived with local impresario and international poet, Hoppie Newton.

The party was set-up. Beer was bought, beer was drunk, Drunk Beer was labeled and capped. And the party started. People brought beer, people drank beer, Mr. Mouse and Ms. Veda captured it all, well, mostly all, on video. And then we thought we were done. But we didn't realize that several hours of party footage do not an advertising make. And nobody seemed to know what to do next. In the olden days of yore ago, we dumped all the film onto some floor and went at it with scissors and scotch tape. But now all we had were these miniature cassettes that didn't seem to even have any tape in them and they wouldn't fit in our walkmans or betamax players. So we put them away and waited to get the answer from another, ahem, dream.

The beer bull market of 2005 was trumped by the beer bear market of 2006 and then this by the beer boar market of 2007 and this by the beer baboon market of 2008. Throughout all these markets we continued to drink and bottle Drunk Beer, but we couldn't break the Mystery of the Miniature Cassettes, and Drunk Beer sales dropped down to zero. So we were in a bind, all drinking and no Drunk Beer selling makes for a house full of empty beer bottles. But then during the beer barnacle market of 2009, the answer revealed itself to us.

In a flock of Wild Wild Geese, editor extraordinaire Rob DiPatri appeared to us with the answer to the Mystery of the Miniature Cassettes. I have the equipment, and I have the skills, he said from the clouds. And sure enough, before the current beer burro market had started, we had the completed New Town Drunks' Drunk Beer ads ready to convince drinkers worldwide to try New Town Drunks' Drunk Beer. We drink so you won't have to!

So starting this week, and for the next five weeks we'll be releasing one ad each week (sorry, we just couldn't wait until the Super Bowl). All five of them however have begun rotation on something called television. If you own one of these and have a cable plugged to it, and enjoy socialist programming of the highest order like the one on Chapel's Hill's People's Channel's Television's Station's, then you may catch one of the soon to be famosos New Town Drunks' Drunk Beer ads. But don't take the ads word for it, try a Drunk Beer yourself. It's unexpetically tasty!

Here's the first ad, this one is called The Mickey. It features Matt and Julie in a riveting soon to be CLIO Award winning performance. For the TMZ crew, Matt and Julie, or Julatt as they have come to be known, are now married and expecting. Was it the magic of Drunk Beer that brought about this, er, magic? You'll have to ask them. Our lips are sealed around a bottle as Drunk Beer sales have already begun to sky rocket after only a couple of days of this ad being released.

And here's some credits:

Written and Produced by New Town Drunks
Directed by Diane Koistinen
Videography by Mr. Mouse and Veda Williams
Beer Label Design by Andrew Degraff
Voice Over by John Howie Jr
Editing by Rob DiPatri
Band Michelle Ceremuga (bass), Nathan Logan (drums), Roberto Cofresi (guitar), Diane Koistinen (vocals)
Filmed at Camp Marmaloot, Chapel Hill NC, 2005

The Mickey: Matt Vooris and Julie DeSena
Drunk Dialing: Todd Colberg and Joseph Brzoska
Upchuck: Dexter Romweber and Evangeline Christie
Lampshade Guy: John Saylor, Alison Reed DiPatri and Alison Nickles
Waking Up: Hoppie Newton

Also appearing:
Chris Parker
Seamus Kenney
Andrew Degraff
Pallas Adamopoulos
Rob DiPatri
David Schmitt
Anthony Lener
Autumn Spencer

Special thanks to all the people at the NTD Drunk Beer party.

Oh, and you can buy this beer online! Go here to get your own -